Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fashion Tips for the Office Gal

As easy as it is to just throw on black slacks, a shirt and call it an outfit, there's more to dressing like a professional woman than that. But I didn't have any resources to regularly reference for this kind of attire until I came across

"Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who work in conservative offices and need to look professional, but want to be fashionable," the site says.

Its posts are descriptive but succinct, and often feature one specific item of clothing (ie: St. John's paisley print top) to highlight general style tips (the kinds of things you can wear with said top). There are also posts with reader questions, interesting links from other blogs and a 'suit of the week.' They also suggest pieces in a variety of price ranges throughout the week, starting with a splurge and ending with a bargain. (Which can still be a bit pricey, such as a $44 sweater on sale at the Gap, but I figure that anyone can take the ideas and work with them. And maybe once I've been in the working world a few more years, those prices will seem more attainable?)

Corporette's aesthetic is in line with Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J.Crew, the Gap, etc. Professional, polished, a little bit fun, feminine, confident. I will definitely be checking it out for attire ideas that are both office- and style-friendly.

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