Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shrimply Divine Nails

This is two coats of Sally Hansen's "Shrimply Divine" -- a true bubblegum, Barbie pink that, well, lacks the coral/orange undertones of real shrimp. It's still a lovely color, very bold, bright and fun.

I'm not thrilled with the formula, though. In fact, I've found the quality of all the polishes I've tried from Sally Hansen's Salon Nail Lacquer line to be hit or miss. Some, like this, are too thin. Others are too thick. Some, like "Wine Not," are just right. It's too bad, since the line has lots of attractive and work-appropriate colors. (Though I wear whatever polish I feel like to the office! But if you're in a more conservative environment, this line has many options for you.)

In terms of polish quality, I'm more a fan of the company's Hard As Nails Xtream Wear line. I've found it to be more consistent. It also offers a wider assortment of colors, which is good if you like funky ones like I do, but might not be good if you prefer sticking to pinks and nudes.

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Anonymous said...

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