Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Accidentally Dressed for Summer

But it sure ain't summer anymore.

Yes, it's supposed to be in the high 70s today. But no, this is not SoCal or some other magical place where light, summery clothes are appropriate most of the year round. I'm in the Washington D.C. suburbs! Isn't late September supposed to call for autumn clothes?

The problem is that while the rest of my office suite tends to be a bit nippy, my office itself is quite warm and stuffy. So I didn't want to wear a long-sleeved sweater and get too hot. And I did want to wear my red, polka-dot flats with bows on them.

And thus, I ended up still in summer.

Summer-ish to me, at least. Maybe more spring, but I'd drag this combo into summer for the office. Imagine this: my actual sweater is a more vibrant blue and my actual shoes have peep-toes and big bows. (It was cruel when I walked out of the house and my exposed toes met the chill of autumn air.)

I'm feeling a bit like a plain-jane too...but I was really tired this morning, getting out of bed and into the shower was tough. I'm kind of embarassed to be sharing this outfit with the blogging world, since I feel so silly in it! Maybe I wouldn't if it was July. All I know is right now, I'm ready to sink into pumpkin oranges and hot cocoa browns and charcoals.

Learning how to dress as an 'adult' every day is also kind of a challenge. I've worked in offices before, but never as a full-time, non-student employee. Matching the business casual vibe is a bit difficult. There is definitely no need to wear a suit everyday, but jeans don't work either. People here really look business comfortable, in fact. Plus, none of them are my age, so I don't have any cues for who to follow since I'm not going to start dressing like a 40-something mom either :)

In my closet, I feel like I have enough clothes, but not the right clothes, you know?

By the way, the above outfit was put together at Polyvore.com, which is an awesome site where you can mix and match web images...including clothing images to create virtual outfits. Definitely check it out.

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mayaari said...

heh, I made the same mistake today - cool outside, colder in the office, warm later in the day - it's like you need 3 outfits to properly transition before winter is officially here and it's just cold all the time! I actually keep a denim jacket and a black cardigan at work to keep me warm on days that I wear short sleeves. Everyone I work with is well over 35 (kids, grandkids) and most of them wear suits every day, so I feel totally out of place, even in simple separates.

the shoes are very cute - if they weren't peep toe I'd wear them all the time...or just keep them at work so I could wear them around the office :)