Saturday, December 27, 2008

Comin' Up

I'm feeling kinda sluggish lately - a week ago I started coming down with a cold/virus, a few days ago it hit its peak, and today I'm finally starting to feel better. (No more cold sweats and fever. But then I got my period today, joy.)

I have a lot on my tentative post list though. I'll share with you my first department-store cosmetics splurge, a peak at some goodies sent to me by sweet Maayari, a review of J.Lynne Cosmetics' new blushes, a look at a scarf I'm crocheting for a friend, quick appetizer recipes (in case you still have parties coming up), new haircut.

I haven't gotten my hair cut yet. It's currently about three inches below my shoulders and aching for a cut. I last had it done in August. It was highlighted last December but I've been growing it out since then. I'm trying to decide how much to cut off now and whether I want to color it again, or perhaps wait till summer to make it lighter.

Decisions, decisions! Hehe...

Off to the Panera for some food with high school friends!


Digital Angel said...

I am sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Did you have a good christmas ? :) I hope you did. You should get better before new year day coming up !! Me, I love long hair hehe

mayaari said...

double whammy with the cold and your period - hope you start to feel better soon! looking forward to your other posts and wondering what brand you splurged on at the department store :)

3:30 and panera sounds sooooo good right now. gah.

Neeyuh said...

Heyy! Hope your feeling even better now. Thank you soo much for the birthday wish! I just seen it right now and it totally made me smile! =)

Jnie said...

Oh no..Hope you're feeling better. Happy New Year.

Digital Angel said...

I haven't see your new update, I hope you feel better!

Happy New Year :)