Saturday, December 6, 2008

WTF This Week

It seems like this was a rough week for several of you in the certainly was for me, after lots of little and big issues sprung up all at once. But right now I'm stretched out in bed on Saturday morning with nothing pressing to attend to, so I'm going to not worry about my drama.

Instead, I'm going to try taking a cue from this picture I took over Thanksgiving with my freaking amazing pup Bon Bon (I miss her! She's in NY with my fam):


Digital Angel said...

Awwwww you puppy is so adorable, and cute :P It sounds weird but whenever I am upset or in bad mood, just being with animal makes me feel better :)

Jnie said...

She's so cute! True, it seems like lots of people are having a rough time...I hope things get better for you! Christmas is suppose to be such a joyous season.