Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thrifted Finds

Many of the thrift stores I've gone to have been of the megamart variety, filled with musty air and racks upon racks of well-worn, outdated clothing. (Or clothing that never was stylish.) Others have been upscale little vintage places so expensive you'd hardly believe that the wares are second-hand.

On a recent lunch break from work, I discovered a delightful place in Kensington, Md. that falls somewhere in the middle. Of course, I can't find my receipt and remember its name right's a small store on a side street, just a short walk away from some sandwich joints, a gas station and a CVS. It's not a place you'd necessarily expect a cute thrift boutique in part of an old converted house, well-lit with natural light, clean, and accented by charmingly creaky wooden floors. It felt like I was browsing through someone's personal closet.

The women's things were mostly in one bedroom-sized room. Not a huge selection but a diverse one, from Guess jeans and Ralph Lauren shirts to shoes from Target. I tried on a bunch of things and ended up with this:

FCUK jeans with embroidery -- $17

Very comfy! I love the weathering on these jeans and the awesome embroidery. Even though they were labeled as capris, they fit me as full-length pants. :)

Express pink suede skirt -- $4

This skirt was on clearance after originally having been $18. It's real suede and has a lining, too. It fits very well, so even though I'm not yet sure *how* I will wear a pink suede skirt...I'll find a way. Probably with black heels and a black sweater. In the photos I have it paired with chocolate brown. (And below...that's me standing on the side of my bathtub, lol, facing the only full-length mirror in my aparment.)


Jasmin said...

Awesome jeans! Wow, the FCUK jean were only $17? Lucky! Cute skirt!

mayaari said...

nice score on the skirt - pairing it with black - or even the browns you're wearing in the photos - would work, maybe even a dark charcoal.