Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Me Find a Place to Live in Northern Virginia!

Exactly what the post title says -- anyone have advice on moving to Northern Virginia?? I'm looking for an apartment or houseshare there beginning in mid-September.

I'm very easy to get along with...willing to live with guys or girls...I'm no neat freak but I keep common areas clean...I work an office job so I want somewhere that's relatively calm on weeknights...I don't smoke or own pets...I do own a car.

My ideal roommate situation is one where I can come and go with freedom and live my own life, but be around friendly, laid-back, upbeat people who want to hang out sometimes.

Needs: Available parking space; within .75 miles walking distance of an orange line Metro; no drugs or cats in the home.

Budget: $900 maximum.

Drop me a line if you can help! :)


mayaari said...

I found my last apt in Rosslyn using Craigslist...wasn't too bad for a studio initially, but before I moved it was about $1000/month (utilities included) - but some of the 1-2 br units might be cheaper and within your budget. I'll email you with more info :)

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Panharith said...

I found my last apt in Rosslyn using Craigslist...


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