Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Great Video Tutorial: Kim Kardashian Eyes

I generally enjoy watching good YouTube makeup tutorials but this one is really something. MakeupLovesMe hit the nail on the head by saying she was "mesmerised" by Marlena of Makeup Geek TV doing a Kim Karsashian look. I'm mesmerized by the below clip too! It's kind of like watching Bob Ross turn a blank canvas into a mountain landscape with just a few happy clouds and soft tree strokes. (Minus the 70s 'fro.) It looks so easy that you don't know how it happens right before your eyes and it's so soothing that you can't turn away. That's how I felt watching this makeup tutorial.

I especially like that it shows you each step with the specific tool and color she uses. If I try it out I almost certainly won't use the exact same palette but I get a good sense of what I should use to mimic the look. Like picking a matte black versus one with shimmer -- little details like that which might not make or break a look but certainly contribute to its overall polish.

I like watching makeup being applied as an art. I still sometimes just use my it helps give me motivation to upgrade! The rest of this woman's Web site it pretty cool too, in particular I like her reviews section. Lots of good cosmetics tips, like advice on eyeliners and building a brush collection.

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JennBee said...

This is a great tutorial :) And I really love watching makeup videos, too. I feel the same way!