Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Say No To Skanky Phone Pics

Alright, I just figured I'd post something quick about this...what is the deal with people taking illicit cellphone pictures? I bring this up because of a recent blog leak of 'scandalous' Miley Cyrus photos. You can click on it yourself...nothing incredibly saucy, but obviously meant for private eyes.

Which still makes me wonder why people take racy pics to send via their phones. I mean, I understand why you would -- it's easy and fast to capture a moment, then convenient to share with friends. However, this is why I don't take naked cell phone pictures and then send them to people. What if my mom picked up my phone? Or worse, my recipient's mom? Or a third person picked up either of our phones and sent the picture around? Print and digital photos are risky, sure, but tend to be guarded more securely. They're not something I casually carry around and whip out every five minutes to text message my friends.

Maybe I'm too old for this trend? I missed the boat by five years? Because I would not think of naked cell phone pictures as a way to flirt. (Unlike the kids in this article, which is a bit too panicked but you get the idea.)

Point being, be very careful what you photograph. Last thing -- how did Miley take that first picture in the shower with her phone? Did she have it on a tripod or something? Again, way too much work to me!

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IchigoBunnie said...

I have a huge feeling that the Miley pics online are fake. Photoshop works wonders these days, especially for bored people who are skilled in digital graphics who have the time to ruin Miley.

Lots of paparazzis are good at photoshop and they like to gain attention and money by what they provide to the public.

I feel so bad for Miley. Im sure she has some "fun" type pics like the usual "pouty-lips" pics, or sleepover type of pics like any other teen has, but I highly doubt these "racier" pics are true. The media just brings each celeb down for attention.
aside from Miley, I definitely agree on not taking naked pics or any racey pics on the phone cuz for HS, I remember back in HS, my principle warned us if we have our cell phones taken out, it will be taken up and to the principle's office for "picture-investigation" so you'll end up busted for whatever you have on your phone.

On top of that, lots of times, friends need to use your phone cuz they might not have theirs, or, friends might be nosy to look through your phone and then ull be busted.

definitely agree with you on here that naked pics on phone = No No.