Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Review: Pantina Cheek Sweeps

Product: Pantina Cheek Sweeps
What is it? Cream blush in a stick
Purchased at: Rite Aid
Price: $5 - 6 (I can't remember exactly, probably $5.50)

I'm new to this beauty blogging thing, so bear with me as a figure out how formatting posts and publishing pics is best. I'm starting with one of the most uniquely packaged products I've seen -- the reason I felt compelled to buy it in the first place. Pantina cheek sweeps blush. It comes in two colors: radiance (pictured) which looks coppery brown in the container and tru bliss, a creamy, rosy pink.

The package immediately reminded me of a mini-deodorant. It sort of looks like that, right? And like many deodorants it has a nob at the bottom to turn and release more product. Maybe this isn't the association the company would want a customer to make, but hey, I bought it.

I have fair rosy skin, blue eyes and dark blond hair. No tan. I turn lobster-red with too much sun. I like a blush that will just make me look a bit more flushed than normal, particularly when I haven't had enough sleep and totally lack color/look like a zombie. Therefore tru bliss would have been my go-to, safe choice since its a nice rosy pink. But my undertones are pink enough and I am happy with the pink blushes I already have.

So I picked radiance and I'm glad I did! In natural light, the tru bliss I swatched on my wrist in the store was too intense and made my skin look genuinely irritated. (A little too natural for me.) The texture was smooth and the color might look pretty on someone with a darker complexion. Radiance, on the other hand, looks like a peachy/pink/sun-kissed nude once you rub it in. It has similarly peachy/pink shimmer in it, which is very subtle and I find attractive, though it might be better for the beach than for the office. It looks natural, blends well and is really easy to apply -- just don't go overboard and swipe too much on at one time. It even makes pale little me look like I've gotten some rays without damaging my precious skin!

What I really like is that this would be easy to travel with. I'm not sure I would get it again since I'm only first getting the hang of bronzers. I'd recommend this color if you're going for a subtle, sun-kissed glow.

I don't know much about Pantina since it has little mention on Makeup Alley and the company's Web site looks pretty outdated...like, they have up the premier of the Spring/summer 2007 collection. And no mention of the cheek sweeps. But it seems that Pantina products are newly hitting drugstore shelves, so guess we'll keep our eyes peeled.

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