Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gifts from Maayari!

A few weeks ago (what feels like an eternity) I entered Maayari's Winter Challenge contest. Though I didn't win, she sent me some lovely gifts as a consolation prize and a very cute holiday card.

The stuff:
From bottom left:
-Lancome remove-all deep cleansing oil. Saving this for a day when I feel like pampering myself.
Green tea soap. Mmm smells so good.
Mango body butter sample from the Body Shop. I'm going to clean my room a bit, cook some green beans, hop in the shower and rub this on my legs tonight!
Eyeshadow sample (le mystere #78) from the mineral makeup site See swatches below. It's a very sparkly slate color that picks up the blue in my eyes.
Rouge sample (sweetheart) from Pretty bubblegum pink with pink sparkles. Guess someone's gonna be playing around with loose pigments...
Wild and Crazy eyeshadow in 3150 Lily Song. Pale like me. :)

Thanks Maayari, and best of luck starting the new phase of your life in Philly!

1 comment:

mayaari said...

unpacking is going sooooo slow compared to packing, haha :) i need to figure out where i packed some of my body butter - your post reminded me that i have some hiding somewhere!