Friday, August 22, 2008

Awesome Pink Polish for the Price of a Latte

Maybe even less, depending on what size latte you get!

I'm back to muse about my latest favorite nail color: #1 Hottest Pink by Milani. It's a popping pinkish-fuchsia with iridescent purple undertones. It's a fun sitting at the beach with good friends, a light reading book and an icy margarita. Or sitting at your office desk dreaming about these things. :) It matches my rosy/fair skin very well and I think anyone who likes wearing berry shades will enjoy it.

I hadn't tried Milani polish before but I definitely will again. Two coats of this color gave me a perfect, non-streaky manicure. It's even super-smooth the way polish is when you get it done at a salon, which I sometimes find hard to recreate at home. Two days in and the chipping is very minimal. I didn't use a good top coat either.

It appears almost identical to Sally Hansen's Pick-a-Fuchsia, which is part of the (limited edition?) "Pick a Color" Salon line on special display at CVS now. In the store those polishes - eye catching pinks, salmons, etc. - are $5.99; online $4.87 (before taxes, shipping or whatever else, though.) When you're talking about two drugstore brands the price difference is minimal and perhaps not worth duping. However, my Milani gem was only $3.79; $2.84 at CVS online. But price wasn't the deciding factor, even though cheaper is nice!

While examining the two brands in the store I opened both bottles and swatched them next to each other - the Milani was thick but not gloopy, the Sally Hansen was too sheer for my liking. The colors looked very similar except the Milani was more pigmented since it didn't go on as sheer. But after some layering, perhaps the SH would be as rich too. I have a beautiful, deep red polish from the SH Salon line as was disappointed with how much it chipped, so that also made me wary.

Oh, and another incentive -- until August 23 if you buy $10 worth of Milani products at CVS you get $5 in extra care bucks. And I always like using those...

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