Saturday, August 2, 2008

Revlon LE Products Free After CVS Extra Bucks

Has anyone else seen this? CVS has a promotion where you get $9.99 in Extra Care Bucks after buying certain limited edition Revlon products...which are priced $9.99 themselves, as far as I could see. So you're getting a total reimbursement in CVS Bucks after the purchase. (Limit one per household, so pick wisely!)

The four options for the Bucks are a lip gloss, eye shadow, lip gloss/palette and powder blush. The latter three are full of very pretty, delicate, swirled colors. From Revlon's Web site:

One of the eyeshadows on display at the CVS where I made my purchase was so destroyed that I wondered if it was supposed so be loose pigment! Ummm, no...just pulverized somehow. The lip palette is gorgeous but I don't really need more balmy stuff and am trying to avoid more products into which I will stick my (often dirty) fingers. Because that's stuff I'd throw in my purse and swab my pointer into on the run.

In retrospect, it seems that the least unique of the products caught my eye...the Creme de la Chrome gloss tube. I really wanted "Spice it Up," which is a sparkly neutral, but this particular CVS was out so I got the fuscia "Razzle Dazzle" instead. I'll post a swatch and demonstration later in the weekend since I don't have it on me now. It's interesting. Shimmery and very opaque - not stuff you're going to layer over a lipstick for a little extra kick.

Okay, I'll be back with the review later. Point being, maybe you'll see this promo at your CVS and basically get a beauty product for long as you'll be going back to CVS to do future shopping with the Extra Care Bucks you are reimbursed.

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