Friday, March 13, 2009


I think that I'm going to sign the lease to move into my first real apartment tomorrow.

Well, technically, it's a loft within a condo that I will share with an older Peruvian couple.

But it means moving out from the nice, single-family home which I've called *my* home for six months. Just as the icky smoking situation was resolved (I don't smoke, my two roomies do) and we were all getting along really well.

I really love this place.

I guess it's time for a big, new adventure, though.

**So that's why I'm kind of behind on posting and the like! Plus, I'm finally catching up on things at my job, which is very important and taking up extra time.**


VanityTreasure said...

Good luck with your move :)

Perhaps, you may like it even more in your new place!


mayaari said...

hope that your new place works out well :)

Emilita said...

:) Thanks.