Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've been to the mall. And no matter what Kelly says (see video below), it was pretty awesome.

An old roommate and I met up today at Potomac Mills, a shopping mecca with lots of outlet stores outside of Washington D.C. The mall itself is literally a mile long (all one level) and has more than 200 retailers. Plus, the surrounding area has practically any store you can think of, from Costco to Petsmart to Ikea -- not like we had time for those, since six hours was barely enough time to visit the most interesting mall stores and grab lunch at the food court. (Mmm, bourbon chicken.)

I'll write more about the trip later, but first, I wanted to show off some shoes I saw today. From the moment I saw this first pair, I knew I wanted to blog about it...since I can't decide if I think they are attractive or over-the-top:

Aiko, Betsyville by Betsy Johnson, $69.90

I like them better looking at the picture. They looked stranger in person. What outfit would these go with?

The next shoes are only related because they follow the white-flanked-by-dark trend.

Klarice Spectator Pump, Predictions at Payless, $16.00

I'm not super thrilled by this Payless shoe. I think it would look better in canvas, because it doesn't look very formal to me and I don't think the faux-patent leather helps. But it's not too bad. (Especially if you could have seen some of the high-end shoes I saw. Ie: gold + leopard print + red + patent leather + buckles = 30 percent off clearance price).

Anyway, my new goal is to inject some color into my wardrobe with colored shoes. In which case neither of these fit the bill. Since I always reach for black or brown, I'm going to start by trying subdued colors, like burnt orange.

Though no more clothes shopping for a bit, since I did nicely on this trip. I'll post soon...


mayaari said...

i like the first pair - i actually have a pair of shoes similar to the payless pair, only without the bow and there's a thin ankle strap...used to wear them with my light suits, but you could easily wear the first pair with pants for a little hidden flair, or with jeans to dress up an outfit.

CouponAlbum said...

Nice pictures of those high heel shoes!! They have shiny look and stylish design!! Love them!!

Crystal said...

LOVE the Betsy Johnson pair, but also think the Payless ones aren't that bad. That whole light flanked by the dark cap toe is so Chanel, but a fraction of the price! P.S. Listed you as one of my favorite bloggers -- keep doing your thang!