Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fairy Princess Shoes

I've been a bit down recently - relationship troubles with my beau of 3.5 years. Thought we were going to get married and share our lives together and, such remains to be seen. Us being friends remains to be seen. And the hardest thing is, I don't really know what I want.

So, times like this call for some special shoes. Shoes purchased on a whim, before said drama happened, but an appropriate pick-me-up for my current mood.

Pink fairy princess shoes (in an adult size).

Don't knock it, I thought these were just adorable at some sketchy, no-refund boutique in my sketchy local mall. In person they're a really soft, pearlized pink with sturdy rubber soles.

I also bought a pair of brown faux-leather ankle boots with a heel and some coppery little heels for the office. I prefer wearing shoes with some height, since I'm so short (read: little and lovely), but I just adored the above pair. I've been wearing them around the house, and even might venture to find something they'll go with outside. Skinny jeans? A gray tweedish skirt? A black skirt and textured black tights? Maybe you have some more creative offerings.

*Blissful sigh* Now back to reality...

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