Saturday, October 4, 2008

Field Trip and Interview Clothes

I'm taking my first trip to Tysons Corner today, a huge mall in Northern Virginia. I can't even bear to read through the list of all the stores, it's so extensive...But first, my two friends and I are going to a Smart Car dealership for one of them to take a test drive. Have you seen these little things?

My friend says they are supposed to be very safe because the frame is built like that of a race car, and that they are gas efficient and easy to park. So I need to hop in the shower now and get ready if I plan to meet them on time...

The second thing on my mind, though, is a job interview I have Monday. I have no idea what to wear. I feel like I should look very polished, commanding and confident. A little tough too. I have black slacks, a black suit jacket and black heels, but what color shirt to wear is a mystery to me. Black doesn't seem right. Black checkered seems too busy. My pink shirt isn't a professional enough fabric. And my light blue shirt fits funny.

FYI, I'm very happy at my current job -- where I wear sweater sets most of the week -- and why I'm doing this other interview is a long, involved story for another time. It's also a bit late to back out now.

Okay, what I'm thinking is that a dark, emerald green shirt would be perfect. Serious with a punch. Subtly exciting. With gray pearl earrings. Maybe?

Let's see if this actually exists in my size! I mean, this super mall should have everything, right? Wish me luck...

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mayaari said...

I've seen a few smart cars around here, and they look interesting, but all I can really think of is the Urkel-mobile from Family Matters whenever I see them :)

hopefully you'll be able to find something for your interview at Tysons; emerald green would look good under a black suit. I've worn royal blue, cranberry, and dark purple/eggplant tops as well. Since it's fall, a nice jewel tone would work well as long as the fabric isn't too over the top.