Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Kawaii Look

Like several of my fellow bloggers, I took the plunge and entered Pink's Kawaii Domination challenge. So here's Kawaii-ified....

(I stick out my tongue at the establishment! Puh.)

Yeah, the wig makes me look kind of manga-inspired. (It was the best wig I could find at CVS last night at 10:30. And I was feeling pink.) You can't see my makeup very well in the picture, but the below one is a bit better. Basically, I used a lot of pink - on my lips, my cheeks, my eyes. And some black eyeliner. But only after I showered did I realize that I forgot to put on mascara!

The shirt is Delia's Japanese Racoon (sp) Tee. (Because everyone loves raccoons!) I picked it up at Tysons corner yesterday. Btw, I have never seen a mall so big. Wow, quite impressive. My friends and I had a fun time walking around and test-driving Smart Cars too...even though they feel a bit like a big go-cart to me, lol.

This last photo is probably my favorite. Peace out guys. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

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Digital Angel said...

Awwwww, your pink hair and racoon shirts match so well !! I love your shrits, it's so cute :)