Friday, October 17, 2008

My 4x4 About Me

A 4x4 about me that I took from the lovely Mayaari's blog (it was surprisingly hard for me to narrow down only four items in each category):

4 things I did today:
1. wore jeans to work
2. read wikipedia articles
3. nearly completed my story about Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit fair trade org that sells crafts from around the world
4. brewed some Lady Grey tea

4 things on my to-do list:
1. exercise
2. paint my nails
3. make chicken soup
4. find a time to skype with my friends in New England

4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. chocolate
2. watching so-bad-they're-good TV shows, like The Hills
3. playing dress-up
4. writing this blog, it's antithetical to the serious aspects of my life but a lot of fun

4 random facts about me:
1. I used to be mildly obsessed with anything Norwegian, and I still want to go to Norway one day
2. I am a huge animal lover and my family has three dogs back home: two mini-poodles and a Boston Terrier (=most fantastic dog ever, I'll post a pic of her sometime)
3. I love hearing and telling stories
4. my favorite beverages include hot tea, ice tea/lemonade, root beer, sprite, anything mocha and lime seltzer, which my best friend who's currently in the Peace Corps in Zambia turned me on to

If you've read this, I tag you!


imee said...

@random facts #2, i feel u on this! i love animals, sometimes more than people (some people).

mayaari said...

Lady Grey is some wonderful stuff - one of my coworkers makes fun of it because it's a "girly tea" and he doesn't want to be caught drinking it. I work with odd people.

RYC: I think the main reason I use mineral blushes more that I started using blush when I was exploring mineral foundations, and added a few blushes to my orders, haha. They're less expensive than a lot of other brands (for the amount that you get) and usually have a better payoff in color, compared to most drugstore brands.

Neeyuh said...

Very cool post! I love the facts type posts. I think I'll do this soon. =)