Friday, October 24, 2008

A Shout Out to Good Friends

I just got two letters in the mail today from my best friend volunteering for the Peace Corps in Zambia. I felt like a kid on Christmas ripping open the first envelope...what a great treat! She's only been gone since August but I miss her so incredibly much. I'm happy though, knowing she's happy.

I've been so busy lately at work and in life. I'm looking forward to putting up more entries soon. Speaking of which...

Coming up next:

NYX lip glosses = new favorite product.

Anyway, go out and tell a good friend how you feel about him or her today. It's so nice to feel loved. :) I hope you all are feeling that, and having a good kick-off to the weekend!

P.S. The Neutrogena poll is back open so please vote and tell me what kind of product to buy with my $10 coupon. Thanks.

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mayaari said...

very pretty shades of gloss - do they show up as bright as they are in the tubes? I tagged you for a round of blog tag :)