Friday, November 7, 2008

Сиби́рскиe ночи

Siberian in the O.P.I. nail color. I really dig the company's clever names and am particularly enamored by the Russian and Australian themed collections. I realize they are old news from 2007, but that's what was in stock at a CVS I stopped by today.

*Just so you know, I'm that person in the store who likes to open bottles, test them on my thumb nail, and then wipe the swatch off on my opposite palm or any appropriate/won't-be-noticed paper surface possible. (Today some polishes were in a wicker basket with tissue, yeah, that became my impromptu napkin.)*

I was having a love/hate relationship with Siberian Nights in the store. It's a dark, matte purple that's both rich yet dull. All Lacquered Up has great swatches of the entire Russia collection which I suggest you check out to get a feel for the whole line. Her pictures make me drool over Russian Navy but that wasn't in store today. Maybe I can get it online?

I didn't end up getting Siberian Nights...I thought about it a lot though. I might go back and pick it up. Hmmm...

Koala Bear-y, a pretty pinkish berry, and Brisbane Bronze, a rich sparkly bronze, are two of my favorite Australia-inspired shades and were available in-store. For nail polish I tend to be drawn to pinks and purples or wild colors like blues, greens, etc. I also have plenty of reds. I wear a lot of berry colors but not much brown or tan when it comes to my nails. (When I am not lazy and actually paint my nails!) Maybe I should try expanding out though.

Alas, I didn't pick up either of these polishes either....I was feeling too indecisive! Plus, I was going to stop by the bank to cash a check after my CVS pit stop, and since I've been paying for all the little purchases I can with cash, reality quickly sets in when I spend money on non-necessary items.

Instead of nail polish I picked up a Physician's Formula Organic Wear kit with a blue/gray eyeshadow duo and black eyeliner. Until tomorrow you can get 40 percent off all Physician's Formula cosmetics at CVS -- my purchase was on a display with a $2 off coupon too, so I ultimately got the set for under $5. I'm not a huge PF fan so I'm not necessarily encouraging you to run out and try the brand, but if you like it or if, like me, you just want to try a new product, now would be a good time to do your shopping. I'll try to write about that soon, and post if I end up going back for some of the O.P.I. lacquers.


mayaari said...

Russian Navy is one of my favorites, I love how deep the blue is. Lincoln Park at Midnight is another great shade (deep purple)...if you're near an Ulta you might be able to find Russian Navy there, or at a Trade Secret

Crystal said...

Haha, I do the same thing with nail polish in stores!! Women always look at me weird, but why should I buy something without first seeing if it looks good on me? P.S. I LOVE that Brisbane Bronze color. Now I have to go buy some! Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Im wearing Siberian Nights right now! I wasn't crazy about the shade at first, but after applying it to all my nails I fell in love.

PS-I love that you used Cyrillic for the title.