Friday, November 28, 2008

My Little Black (Friday) Dress

I wasn't playing to shop today, but after lunch with some high school friends we popped into a TJ Maxx for some directionless wandering. Though I wanted to get a pair of boots, I figured while were we there that I could look for a cocktail dress for a wedding I'm attending on Jan. 1.

After trying on four or five decent-but-not-fantastic dresses, I came upon this:

It might not look like anything super special on the mannequin but it looks great on me. All three of my friends sitting on a bench in the waiting area agreed, and they have very varied senses of style so I trust the collective judgment. It accentuates my hourglass figure without making me look too busty and smooths out flaws. Plus, I had no little black party dress! This will be great since I can wear it to many different types of functions.

Online at it's listed for $42.50 in a Black Friday sale (normally $49.99). But I got it for $25 + tax, not even on sale! I thought it was a good deal in the store (without sacrificing quality or fit) and this is just icing on the cake.

Now all I need to do is accessorize. Since I don't want to wear all black to a wedding I'm thinking a jewel toned violet shawl with gold paisley detail on the bottom and some metallic shoes. Or...something else. Luckily I have a few weeks to make a decision. Any suggestions?


IchigoBunnie said...

definitely get some shoes that will stand out from the black dress. red pumps always look pretty classic with a black dress, or you can vary around with the colors.

i was thinking of a necklace, but then i was like...hmm maybe that wouldn't go with the neckline, so i thought instead for you to get chandelier earrings? and then some bangles for your wrist :)

Digital Angel said...

This dress is very classic and pretty, when it comes to the dress I don't like it too much fancy or anything like that :) This dress and your red lipstick would look so perfect together :P

mayaari said...

deep plum accessories are very hip right now, so some plum shoes or a purple wrap would work out really great. That or a deep wine color. whenever I've worn a black dress, I paired it with some garnet jewelry - the contrast of vibrant red was always interesting with a simple black dress.