Monday, November 3, 2008

Silly Internet

So, this has been the busiest week I've had in a looong time, and the busiest week I've had since moving to Maryland. It was a lot of good, bad and ugly crammed into just a few, I'm trying to unwind and get back to some normal routine. But what exactly will that 'normal' routine be like? I just moved here and started the job full time about eight weeks ago, damned if I know.

Anyway, I have a lot of stuff I'm working on posting -- cute clothes, make-up, maybe some recipes, and being tagged again for more random info about myself. (I won't lie, I enjoy those things sometimes.)

The problem now is that my home Internet crashed! Phooey.

At least it gives me time to pull things together offline. I should be back very soon, in the next day or two.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. It's so weird that stores have already cleared out of all the spooky festivities and are on to Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? Probably my favorite holiday of the year. I'm stoked to be going home to New York to see my high school friends and family in just a few short weeks.

Last random thing -- I like election night too. I'm definitely going to be watching TV all night (if that works and my computer is still down) to find out the results. Hard to believe that in 48 hours we will (hopefully) know who the next American president is.

Time moves forward, whether we like it or not. Right now, I'm feeling pretty pumped for some change myself. Figuring out what that change should be feels so difficult sometimes, but as I said, time moves forward either way.

Okay, I'm done being deep lol. Time to leave work!

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Digital Angel said...

How do you like your new place, new job so far? I hope it doesn't get you stressed out much. I know it's hard to get used to new place. Can't wait for new upcoming posts :D