Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Every year I sleep in, lazily get out of bed and watch the Macy's parade on TV, then spend the evening eating some of my favorite foods -- mashed potatoes, honey carrots, stuffing, gravy, turkey, mmm -- with good family and friends. Most years we have Thanksgiving at my house, which I was especially looking forward to this year now that I'm living on my own in a new city/state where I don't know many people.

And it didn't disappoint. It was a quiet Thanksgiving with important people in my life. This year I have a lot to be thankful for: My close friends and family, my lovable doggies, starting a career, new opportunities presenting themselves, overall prosperity.

It hasn't been the easiest year, and I know the road ahead has many challenges and tough decisions to make. But for the moment, I'm just going to sit in bed with Bon Bon, my Boston Terrier, and be content.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Digital Angel said...

Did you have a good time? Looks like it :) Picture looks good :P

VanityTreasure said...

YUMMY!!! :)

imee said...

oh my... that looks wonderful!!!! but ur plate doesnt look full enough! =)