Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Week Over! Eight Tips to Chillax

Whew, another weekend is upon us! I'm planning to spend all night chillaxing here at home by myself, trying to enjoy every minute of it. Sometimes we all need a bit of alone time to just focus on ourselves and unwind at our own pace. No schedule, no obligations, just a free night.

So, what is the difference between relax and chillax? I consider it subtle yet important in this setting. Let me use an example. Some people find reading The Economist, browsing blogs or watching historical documentaries relaxing. But to me, those activities are not chillaxing.

Chillaxing is an even greater break from your normal life, a time to recharge so you can return more mentally and physically focused. Like being sprawled out on a perfect beach under a big white umbrella, sipping something fruity and not being a bit worried about how you look in your bathing suit or getting sand in it! That's chillaxed.

Since we can't have an oasis like that all the time, we just need to carve out our own bits of heaven. Here are some ideas I have to help get there:

-Pamper your body: Light some candles, leave your watch in the other room and take a nice, warm bath or shower. Shampoo, condition, shave, put on a face mask, the works -- it's not like you're running late for work! After the shower you might continue this step by applying body moisturizer or manicuring ragged nails.

-Step away from the computer: Take a break from compulsively checking social media and e-mail, reading blogs or spending the night im'ing friends. The focus of the chillaxed night is you and your comfort. Enjoy the peace and quiet. See if you can even stay away from your cell phone.

-Get comfy: Pajamas work. So does anything else that will make you feel really comfortable. Your work clothes matched your 9 to 5 routine, now you need a get-up to match being more laid back. A mug filled with a warm drink is a great accessory for this outfit.

-Eat well: I know that in an effort to keep on schedule during the week, I often eat with the objective of fulfilling hunger instead of appreciating my food. But tonight there is no work to chow down over and no need to compromise for someone else's taste buds. Eat something tasty that won't upset your stomach. If you feel up to it, even cook a nice meal. Enjoy the preparation and the delicious product.

-Indulge a passion: Now is a great chance to lose track of time playing music, crafting, writing or working on another hobby.

-Give your mind a break: Pop on a feel-good movie, light-hearted television shows, soft music or read a fun magazine or book.

-Adore yourself: Hopefully it goes without saying, but since this is a night about taking care of yourself, make sure you're on-board with that spirit. Know that you're worth taking care of. :)

-Take on a little challenge: If you are looking for some productivity, I suggest trying an easy-to-conquer challenge that will leave you contented at the end of the night and ahead-of-the-game in the morning. This could be cleaning off a particular space which may have become cluttered during the week. Your bed or desk are probably likely candidates. Focusing your energy into removing all the items on those places that don't belong hopefully won't take too long and you'll feel much better after the work is done. It will leave you a new, clean space in which to chillax!

Other small projects could be reorganizing a medicine cabinet or straightening your closet. You probably don't get around to them during the week or when you have company, but you're on your own tonight. Care for your body and your living space....because that's what chillaxing is all about.

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