Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Office Without Clutter

Word on the street is that Martha Stewart runs a tight ship when it comes to neatness in her new offices. (And by "street" I mean Gawker media.)

A Gawker post from late-January says that MS Living Omnimedia staffers are barred from having "ink colors other than red or black, desks that are not completely clear at the end of the day, except for one metal basket of approved office supplies, and anything that could be construed as being personal, such as photos or coffee mugs," according to an anonymous tipster. The post includes photos of some very dreary, plain cubicles, reportedly from the office.

Martha quickly responded to the accusations on her blog, writing that "this article is a misrepresentation of what actually was discussed within our offices. The list of pens is an assortment of what our company will provide our employees with at our expense. We never stated that other pens were not allowed to be used. In these tough economic times, harmony is essential within the working environment. I must also inform you that we use a great assortment of writing implements from the Martha Stewart crafts line available at Michael's Crafts and Walmart. "

As Celebitchy points out, great plug for her product line in there!

Personally, I try to leave my work space clean at the end of the day by putting all my pens back in their storage mug and filing stray papers into folders on my desk. I think that an uncluttered space helps keep the mind uncluttered too. But not having the freedom to decorate at all or manage my things the way I like them...that might be a bit much for me.

Then again, for the chance to work at Martha Stewart Living, I might be able to deal for a little while. :)

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imee said...

I know all too well about office clutter. LOL, my former boss used post-it notes everywhere just so he could find and remember things LOL. he even color coded!