Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flower Earrings Made From Fish Scales

This weekend my friend V and I went to a chocolate lovers festival in Fairfax, Va. Aside from consuming a chocolate chip pancake breakfast and loads of little confection samples, we also browsed some local vendors displaying good. Above is a pair of earrings I bought my sister -- made of dried and painted fish scales. (So cool, right?)

The full display was so beautiful, it was hard to make a decision which to pick!

She's coming home to New York later this week after two months studying in Spain. I'm not sure when I'll give them to her, since I'm in D.C. anyway...I think she'll really like them, not only because they look pretty but because they are also somewhat extraordinary, at least from what I've seen.


imee said...

this is gonna sound stupid, but fish scales? is it like, really fragile? but WOW! those earrings are beautiful!!! so crafty the people who thought of that =)

gio said...

Those earrings are so pretty!