Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Hydrating, Lipstick Substitution

I am especially picky about lipstick this time of year, when cold, dry weather leaves my lips chapped. Sometimes I still want a color boost though, like when I'm conducting an interview at work or going out on the town. Of course, those are the times when I'm probably too involved in talking, sipping and/or eating to worry about whether my lipstick is smearing or melting off or some other I'd like something with minimal maintenance too.

Impossible? Not necessarily.

What I've done lately in a pinch is line my lips and fill them in with a fairly natural-looking lip liner, then coat with lip balm. This leaves my lips soft and hydrated with a nice wash of soft color. Using a shade close to my natural lips also means that if it happens to rub off, it won't look shocking weird to reapply, which is good when I'm aiming for the polished-yet-natural look. (Note: A simple swipe of shimmery, light-colored gloss adds extra 'oomph.')

I came across this by accident. While hurriedly applying makeup in the bathroom of a reception hall, a fellow patron at the wedding I attended on Jan. 1 actually commented on how nice my lips looked. I intended for the lip liner and lip balm I had on to just be a base for lipstick, but considering all the drinking and eating I was bound to do that afternoon, I figured I'd just leave my pout as-is.

I've mostly rocked this look with NYX's Mauve 831 lip liner and Lizard Lips chapstick, which I'm in love with! It's made of beeswax, aloe, lanolin, grape seed oil, a combination of other oils and vitamin E. It also has SPF 22.

Lip liner + lip balm = subtle, moisturized beauty.

**Btw, I tried photographing myself wearing this but I'd just eaten some cabbage and it gave my lips purple spots!

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