Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Vanilla Noir Radiant Powder Spray

It's hee-eere. My Bath and Body Works Vanilla Noir Radiant Powder Spray took less than a week to arrive.

And I'm back, after a very long few days...I'm back to normal posting.

On to the product.

What the company says:
This Radiant Powder Spray gives skin an indulgent kiss of golden shimmer, leaving it powder soft and luxuriously fragrant.
  • Our exclusive Vanilla Noir fragrance is a tantalizing scent that transforms Madagascar vanilla into pure glamour
  • Key fragrance notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Dark Vanilla Bean, Black Plum, Bergamot Orange and Warm Musk
Originally $24.50, now $9.75 at BBW.com.

What I think:
I love the concept of the product and the initial application, but I'm disappointed that it doesn't last longer.

I like the scent -- it's a mellow vanilla, a somewhat musky, definitely not a one-note, sugary vanilla that many products have. The shimmer is pretty, though the few larger sparkles (about the size of a pencil tip) make me think this is too glittery for work. It'd probably look nice under candlelight on an evening date or out at a club. (Note, it does not make you look like you fell in a vat of glitter!)

The bottle is worthy of being out on a counter. It's probably more attractive in person than in the photo and, in my mind, would look great beside some attractive atomizers in a glamorous powder room.
The bottle and the powder look gorgeous and the brushed-metal for the top feels sturdy.

But if you look up close some of it's charm is peeled away: You see that the textured ring under the pump is pasted on a bit crudely, the pump is a bit rough too. It can be a bit finicky, press it hard.

And as I said at the top, my biggest complaint is that it doesn't last long. The scent faded pretty fast on me, as did the shimmer. Maybe because I was looking at it under florescent lights at work? Could be. I'll try wearing this out at night sometime and see if it works better, since I love the styling of the product and would like it to work.

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