Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mission: Bikini Body

Unlike most years, when I'd only start thinking about this topic in mid-July once it's practically too late, this year I'm setting a goal to get in *great* shape by the time warm weather rolls around. Not just bikini-wearing shape, but proudly-taking-photos-in-my-bikini shape. (I just love the print of this orange swimsuit from my-wardrobe.com, btw...I could use something exciting in my closet.)

My hope is that publicly making this resolution, on this blog where I can easily check back on what I pledged, will serve as a reminder to not let myself down!

I'm in decent shape to begin with. I maintain a fairly healthy diet and have a strong core from years of staying active. But back in high school I was dancing/playing sports several times a week, and in college, I was dancing plus walking most places I needed to go. Now that I live in the suburbs and work a 9 to 5, things aren't as easily foot-accessible and I'm basically chained to a desk all day. I haven't joined a dance studio or a pilates class. I've fallen into a funk.

Which is too bad, because I'd say I'm piqued to be in my best shape ever. I'm finally over teenage awkwardness and that whole transition phase of college. I'm starting to feel like a real adult, with some self-confidence and maturity to match. Plus, since I can't just throw on jeans and a t-shirt for work, I'm starting to develop a sense of style that compliments my body instead of just covering it.

I'm sleeping more, cooking more, treating my body better. I think increased exercise would push me over the edge, to make me stronger and more toned. Off the top of my head, I've come up with a few easy ways to add more activity into my life:

1. Walk during lunch, not drive. I often pack lunch, but on days that I didn't last fall, I walked to the local supermarket for food. This wasn't very appealing in the cold winter but I'm going to try it again this spring. That adds 2/3 of a mile of walking into my life five days a week.

Even if I pack my lunch, I can still just go for a walk. It's refreshing break from sitting at a computer all day.

2. Bike to work. This one is going to be more difficult to take on. I don't yet have much biking stamina -- bought the thing in December -- and I'm kind of worried about biking down busy streets. But hey, practice makes perfect...and it's only three miles each way.

3. Dance. I love to dance and I miss dancing. Maybe I'll sign up for a class, maybe I'll just follow along with some fitness videos, maybe I'll plug in my iPod and rock out while cleaning my room. I don't know yet. But I know it makes me feel great and helps me stay trim.

4. Push ups. They're so damn good for you, targeting both the upper and lower body, and require no equipment. Aerobic exercises like the ones above will help me stay slim, but what I really want is to gain definition. And the areas I'd most like to work on are my upper arms and my abs, so push ups are a good start. For the next month, I pledge to do 30 push ups a day. (I did 15 today at work already. Yes, really.)

5. Any suggestions??


Imee said...

good for u girl! i'm tryna get in shape too, i know what it is i have to avoid but it's just so hard... but it's cool... it's gonna be another LOOOONG summer out in LA anyway so I have until November! LOL

Anonymous said...
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