Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waiting to Crack Out This Summer Bag

I'm waiting for summer to roll around for a couple of reasons. At this very moment, it's because I want this 'waiting' phase of my life to end and for the rest of my personal and professional life to begin. I'm stuck in blah April showers. Even though I know this waiting is what needs to happen, like I said in my last post, it's not the most enjoyable time!

For now, a pick-me-up is thinking about all the great things I'll be doing when the weather gets warm. Swimming (hopefully), biking, hiking, wearing light, breezy clothes to the office and carrying a stylish bright bag!

The picture doesn't do this bag justice. It's a shiny, textured dark turquoise. It's not dirty the way it looks in the photo, in person that looks like a subtle gradient.

One of my favorite parts is the black/white/gray checkered interior:

It's big enough to fit a laptop, but not too wide that I couldn't stuff it with a book and some sunscreen and take it on a walk to a park to read.

The maker is Rampage, and I bought the bag at Marshall's. The material is a sturdy faux-leather.

Wake me up when June ends, okay? I'll pack my bag now so it's ready to go. ;)


Ahleessa said...

That's a nice bag! :)

Imee said...

how pretty! i looooove that color!

Neeyuh said...

Wow I really love that bag especially the color!

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