Tuesday, April 14, 2009

re: Heidi and Spencer "drama"

Are any other watchers of The Hills as baffled as I am at how Heidi and Spencer are always on the brink of a breakup on the show, but for the past year or so, not a week has gone by without them flaunting for paparazzi?

When do they have time to act -- er I mean, argue, in between shooting her music videos and staging cheesy photo-ops?

A season or two ago I chalked it up to them putting on a happy face for the time being, and that the charade would fade. But at this point, it seems like they're really sticking with this remaining-in-the-spotlight thing.

I was willing to suspend belief up until the Mexican wedding debacle...which just seemed absurd to me, how they 'really got married' after the tequila shots, except that it happened at least several hours later when it was light out, and when they'd both primped. And of course, all their insisting it was real only led to it being not valid, surprise surprise.

I just watched the most recent Hills (season 5, episode 3, thank goodness for that show being available online!) and I was entertained. And that's what I'm looking for out of The Hills -- I'm interested in the characters, I want them to look beautiful and to lead exciting lives. I'll admit, I'm even looking forward to the Brody/Audrina thing and Spencer calling Lauren. I will be watching!

But believe that Spencer is really flirting with a bartender with no idea of the ramifications? Uh, no. Still mildly entertaining, just not 'real'.

And for my part, not entertaining enough to necessarily make me want to watch the show post-Lauren. We'll see what MTV does at the end of the season...would you keep watching if The Hills went on without her?


missy said...

Tell me about it! What I want to know is how come Spencer can be so horrible to Heidi's Mum and Sister and Heidi just takes it?!!! It drives me mad!
Just found your blog and its great, hope you are well.

dark_gypsy said...

lol i so totaly agree...i had my own little rant about heidi and spencer on my own blog. it is amazing how blind she is to who spencer really is.