Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's Six Things For Which I'm Grateful

I'm not much of a daily affirmations gal, but today, I feel like briefly reflecting on some of the things that make my life a bit brighter. In no particular order:

--Good friends and family.
--Nice weather! Seventy five degrees and sunny inspired me to put on capri pants and go for a few strolls today.
--Crosswalks. Since they make it so much easier to be a pedestrian, both in downtown D.C. (where I grabbed lunch this afternoon) and by my apartment in suburban Maryland.
--NYX lip gloss with shine in Crystal Soda. It's a salmony pink color that makes my lips look juicy.
--Wireless Internet. I can blog at my desk, on my bed, in the kitchen, in my bathtub. Amen to that.
--Bubble tea. And the cute guy who works at the bubble tea kiosk in my local mall. ;)

1 comment:

mayaari said...

excellent list :) i had bubble tea today for the first time in a loooong time, and it was awesome :)