Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Black Cherry Nails

Not easy to photograph, but very lovely in person. This is Milani's black cherry nail polish, which looks just like the fruit for which it's named. On my ring finger is a white flower decal with a crystal in the middle.

Two coats gives a nice, rich color. My only complaint is that the polish consistency can be a bit runny and gloppy during application, making the first coat a bit uneven. I've found this with other Milani polishes and though it's somewhat of a pain, it's not bad enough to prevent me from purchasing them in the future.

With a good topcoat, black cherry shines like dark glass on my fingertips; it's chic and packs a subtle punch of spice. I'm not planning to wear dark colors all summer long, though, and I'm already imagining how smashing this would look on a winter pedicure!

Milani's black cherry is available for between $3 to $5 at national drug store chains.

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