Friday, May 22, 2009

The Worst Eyeliner I've Ever Purchased

I'm no eyeliner connoisseur but I've tried my hands (no pun intended) with all different kinds -- blacks, browns, blues, golds and greens, liquid and pencil, from a variety of drugstore and beauty supply brands. Some that rub off too quickly, others that won't come off without scrubbing.

I've never used a liner that disappointed me as quickly as this one did. It's L'Oreal's voluminous line marker in "true brown."

I had high hopes that it would combine the ease of a pencil liner with the precision and color-intensity of a liquid. The felt tip, reminiscent of a calligraphy pen, isn't something I'd used before.

Unfortunately, it was a let-down from the time I first tried it on my skin. "True brown" is too sheer and muted to be a liner, in my opinion, and the coolness of the applicator didn't make up for that. Since I couldn't manipulate the marker to give me the color I wanted, I just ended up with a thick line of lackluster color. (And I'm very pale, so I can't imagine how this would come out -- or, rather, not come out -- on someone with a darker complexion.)

I've read mixed reviews about this product. Some people found it smudgy and didn't like the applicator while others (including Vanessa at Necessary Makeup, a fav of mine) found the applicator to be quite easy.

I think the color I tried could be very much to blame. I'd probably buy this again in black (not black brown though, for fear that it'd be too light too) -- but only if I found it on sale. (It retails for between $7-9 at drugstores.)

I definitely would not recommend it in "true brown" if you're looking for a liner to define your eyes. It lacks the impact needed.

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