Sunday, May 3, 2009

Six Things For Which I'm Grateful: Empanadas, Dancing

--Good friends and family.
--GPS is my buddy.
--Hole-in-the-wall Bolivian restaurants with amazing empanadas (salteñas) and peach cider.
--Carefree nights spent dancing with friends. (I went clubbing in D.C. last night...such a nice change of pace.)
--Eyelash curlers. A few pumps makes my eyes look so big and awake! (Like last night, when I was exhausted before going to the club...I'd slept four hours on my mini sofa in the living room the night before because there was a hornet in my bedroom. And I'm crazy. Blah.)
--Sighs of relief followed by laughter.

...That ring is a bit big for me...I'm thinking about giving it to my mom for mother's day, since she is very full of laughter and life :)

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