Friday, May 1, 2009

Volume Fail Mascara

I didn't know what to expect when I purchased Rimmel's Volume Flash (waterproof) mascara the other day at Target. I'd heard good things about other Rimmel mascaras and am reasonably happy with the company's Lash Maxxx, but I didn't recall hearing much about this particular product.

Now I know why. It boasts that it is instantly thickening and volumizing. I got nothing of the sort.

You know how your hair looks 10 hours after you put it up for a fancy occasion -- prom, a wedding, etc. -- once the environment and festivities have begun to take a toll? When your coif is still decent but more frizzy and worn-in than when you started the day? That's how this mascara made my eyelashes look. Not clumpy-icky, nor making me wonder if I had any mascara on. Just, it made my lashes look stringy and tired.

It's too bad because the sparkling blue tube is very pretty.

The wand, however, doesn't live up to expectations. I expected it to be a lot less clumped with product, based on the picture on the box. I was disappointed with how short the bristles are, because it's difficult for them to coat the lashes thoroughly. (Maybe why I didn't get the volume I was promised.) The mascara formula doesn't seem like anything special, though it deposited a decent amount of color and didn't easily smudge. It smells a bit funny from up close.

From a distance, my lashes looked fine with this mascara. I could see it working for people who want something low maintenance and waterproof. And hey, maybe your eyelashes are different than mine and this would fit you great!

But if you're looking for full, lush lashes, I'd still recommend trying something else. There are so many drug store mascaras out there, including others by Rimmel with great reviews, so I keep my bar high. (This mascara is listed at $7.49 at, but I got it cheaper at Target.)


Imee said...

LOL volume fail! thanks for this, i was really considering purchasing this.

VanityTreasure said...

The bristles look like some sort of miniature scrubbing brushes...

Thanks for your "warning" about this product!