Sunday, May 10, 2009

EOTD: Silver Smokey Eye

I wore this look out to a club last weekend and to dinner this weekend. It's a silver/black smokey eye based on a video by Francine of Frantastic Makeup, whose site you should definitely check out. Her videos are easy to follow and show you how to achieve complex looks with relatively simple steps. Plus, her tone is authoritative yet fun. She's very likable.

(I took these photos post dinner, so that's why I probably look tired! The color was more intense and made my eyes pop more in person.)

Basically, the video's instructions call to divide the eye by thirds -- the part closest to the tear duct is the lightest silver color, the center of the eye is a medium silver, and the corner 'V' is black. I found it useful to see how much color she applied and how she blended it. Her blending tips were definitely the most helpful part of the video for me and really made my look polished.

I even got compliments on how well my makeup was blended! This is certainly one of the cleanest smokey eyes I've ever done.

For even more 'wow,' follow the clip below.


Vanessa said...

Hi there! My BF got the pepper spray from Sports Authority (formerly known as Sports Chalet). Hope that helps! :)


VanityTreasure said...

Well done on the smokey eyes makeup!

I have small Asian eyes, and I don't dare to do the smokey effects :(