Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Wonderful Hello Kitty-filled Life

Nee over at Simply Nee is having an *amazing* Hello Kitty contest -- a lot of fun/creative contests going on right now -- which calls for participants to share what is their favorite HK item. (Mine is listed at the very bottom of the post, btw.) The contest runs till June 5.

This is difficult for me to answer because...the more I think about it, there is probably far too much HK in my life. Uhhh well you *mom* loves HK. Something she picked up after my sister and I left for college. So our family home is filled with lots of little HK touches. And I happen to be in NY visiting this weekend, so let me share (just) some with you...

The HK products that mean the most to me are the ones that I share with my mom -- like we have matching bracelets and lockets. I keep a HK bracelet clasped around the clothing bar in my apartment's closet, for example, because it's a happy reminder of my family.

I don't have a pic, but the HK product I use most often is my lap desk. It stays close to my bed and I grab it in a pinch to have a flat surface for my laptop, a bowl of cereal or a note pad.

But my FAVORITE HK product??

My Hello Kitty toaster. Hands down. It's just so adorable and useful and kind of crazy in a fun way. My mom and I both have HK toasters too!

It burns little HK faces into toast. Yummm toast. (Hers is packed away, sadly, plus I can't take a good photo of it with the toast like that, so I used this official Sanrio pic.) This thing kept me with lots of toast all throughout college. :)


Sarah said...

Ahhh I have HK toaster too!!! Isn't it just the cutest :)

:) said...

aww I had another entry for this toaster why don't I have one HMP! haha good luck Emilita :) and thanks for entering xoxo nee